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 Cartridge Housings
Our cartridge housings feature our all in one pedestal and are fabricated in many configurations. From standard 1-4 high designs to lengths customized to your application. Flow rates are engineered as required by the specific application. Fabricated in common and exotic alloys, such as carbon steel,  300 series stainless steel, titanium, Alloy 20, and Hastelloy alloys.  


Vessels are commonly designed for sour or sweet service with many NDT (non-destructive testing) requirements. Such as 100% radiography, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing and dye penetrant testing.  All welding adheres strictly to T.S.S.A. standards and Section VIII of the ASME code.


Our pedestal features multiple cartridge capability. Our customers can interchange between standard spring and seal, positive tie down or 222 o-ring style elements. Filter Solutions also manufactures string wound cartridges for use with many vessel designs on the market. We carry all internal and external replacement parts as well as other common accessories. Contact us today for current stocked models and pricing.

 1 Round Models

Our single cartridge models provide accelerated flow rates for small batch and piping applications.  With designs for 10", 20", 30" and 40" elements these units offer a wide range of use for end user integration into their operations. 1R models are stocked in 300 series stainless steel as well as fabricated in carbon steel and exotic alloys.


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High Flow Models

High flow units give the added benefit of higher flow rates in a wide range of particle retention options. High flow models are fabricated in any arrangement to suite application requirements.These units can be fabricated in all common and exotic alloys and are available with ASME "U" and "UM" stamp.  


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Multiple Element Designs

Multiple element models are designed for accelerated particle retention at specifically engineered temperature, pressure and flow rates. These filter vessels are commonly fabricated in carbon and 300 series stainless with many NDT options. Multiple round cartridge housings can also be fabricated in exotic alloys to suite application requirements. ASME "U" and "UM" stamp is available for these vessels.

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